Finding friends in the desert!

On the road

Preparations and Ruminations

I’ve been planning this trip for a little over three months. I recently moved into a new house in a new neighborhood and my life is rapidly changing. My marriage of ten years ended in January. I now find myself on the farther end of my thirties with an almost unexpected set of options in front of me.

In the past I have always had a plan. I usually have a backup plan too. As much as I hate to admit it, I more or less have a vague plan in place at all times. This is the first time that I am giving myself some space to work with. I can’t think of a better way to seek answers to questions than a good old fashioned road trip.

Idaho. Wyoming. Utah. Arizona. California. Oregon. One giant loop of the Greater Western US. For the month of May I am going to ride, camp, fish, and explore the West. Pushing the snow lines of Idaho. Riding slickrock in Moab. Dodging cactus in Sedona. Getting lost on the coast.

For the next month I’m going to call my truck home. The sleeping platform I built takes up about 2/3 of the bed, allowing me to store my bike inside the canopy with me. Underneath the platform I built a sliding storage/table that I can use to cook meals wherever I park for the night.

With under a week to go, final preparations are being made. The list of things I need to do before I leave seems to be getting longer as I consistently remember additional things to add to the packing list. Once it’s all compiled, a great purge will be made to emphasize a light load.