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I’ve been building websites and apps since the early days of the internet. I was young and excited about everything involving two wheels. Building websites for my local bike shops, racing teams, and messenger events was a natural place to hone my skills and find a career that’s carried me ever since.

As the 2000’s wore on, my work took on a more dynamic nature as newer languages, processes, and technologies appeared. Bikes were all the rage and there was no shortage of exciting projects to tackle. Ultimately I found a niche building and maintaining full-service e-commerce websites for the best cycling brands in the country.

These days, building and designing websites is just one part of what I offer. I work closely with my clients to develop the best solutions that meet their individual business needs. Whether it’s working remotely or on a ride together, developing a relationship built on trust and confidence is foundational to how I work.

Looking to start something great? Drop me a line and let’s talk about it.

Jason Britton


The cycling industry is a small place, and many of my clients work closely with each other – even when they’re potential competitors. After the success of the Paul Component site, I was connected with the fine folks at White Industries to build a system that would serve their specific business needs. Working through the various logistical hurdles and finding the right-sized solution for this brand was a challenging and ultimately rewarding experience.

The resulting site is quick, easy to use, and scalable for this growing business.

For over 25 years, Paul Price and company have been making the nicest bicycle parts in Chico, CA. Their line of brakes, hubs, cranks, and accessories are all designed and produced in house. Over time the company and their line of parts have developed a loyal, if not cult like following.

Paul’s unique way of building parts is just as unique as how they organize their business. To find the best marriage of efficiency and ease-of-use, we built a website that is easy to maintain and use for all customer types. Ongoing development and marketing efforts keep this site relevant and growing, just like Paul’s business.

Building beautiful wheels doesn’t have to be complex. But distilling the different options, benefits, and specs of something to integral to cycling isn’t an easy task. Customers were getting confused and sales were dropping. So we set out to turn that around and make a website that customers would love to use.

The resulting website is not only easy to use and maintain, it also demystifies the process of building your dream wheelset. Building something that makes a positive impact on a local business’ growth is extremely rewarding, and this project was no exception.

Repeat clients are the best calling cards. I’ve been riding and racing with this crew for years now, and this is the second site we’ve developed together. The simplicity of this site and ease of maintenance keeps things relevant and useful for customers and shop staff alike. Bike inventory is easy to maintain, which has a significant impact on visibility for customers.

This shop has grown and evolved over the years, and their website reflects that. If you’re in need of stellar bike service, Metropolis has you covered.

Ira Ryan and Tony Pereira design and build every Breadwinner that comes out of their shop. The two craftsmen developed a line a bicycle frames, each uniquely designed to tackle the it’s appropriate challenge.

The new website successfully educates and entices new and returning customers to purchase their custom Breadwinner through a number of ways. By offering customers the ability to make a simple deposit, contact the builders with specific questions, or build their dream bike from an interactive builder, the results have been very good.

The process of building custom bicycle frames is shrouded in mystery, which oftentimes means the difference between success and stagnation. This project successfully tells the Breadwinner story while creating repeat customers time and again.





Limberlost is a local bicycle advocacy business that focuses on promoting off road bicycle touring in Oregon and beyond.

Creating partnerships with Travel Oregon and local businesses is one of the main functions of the business, many of which are featured in the Exploration section of the site. Stunning photos, advice, and well written prose make up the majority of the content of this attractive site.