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My name is Jason Britton. I have been helping companies build exciting web experiences since 2000, many of whom are based in and around Portland, Oregon. In that time I have seen trends come and go, but the one thing that never goes out of style is proper project management. The ultimate success of every project relies on a solid plan and vision to see it through. With my background as a front and back end developer, I am uniquely equipped to understand and tackle the complex challenges that digital production demands.

I oversee and develop each project personally, interacting with clients and subcontractors to successfully launch projects, each within scope and budget. I am passionate about producing detailed and rich experiences for my clients and approach every project with excitement, patience, and a clear understanding of the problem at hand. I live to find and develop solutions for the digital world.

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For over 25 years, Paul Price has been making nice bicycle parts in Chico, CA. Their line of brakes, hubs, cranks, and accessories are all designed and produced in house. Over time the company and their line of parts have developed a loyal, if not cult like following.

As the producer of this project I worked closely with a designer and the internal staff at Paul to organize the site in a smart and scalable way. With multiple finishes and options, the scale of organization was quite big. With a solid plan and teamwork we successfully launched this site just in time for Interbike, the largest bicycle industry trade show in the United States, to great fanfare.

Built from a love of bicycle travel, Swift Industries creates custom and readymade baggage for multiple cycling disciplines. Their previous website was built on a proprietary system that was becoming increasingly difficult to manage and update. The company’s blog was powered by WordPress, which made the decision to move to Woocommerce an easy one.

Organizing the product lines and collaborating with the owners of this business was wonderfully satisfying. The process of designing and developing this website was a team effort, which resulted in a successful launch on time and within budget.

During the planning of the new website, future projects such as the Color Picker and Swift Campout were accounted for and included. With those in mind, certain directions were taken to ensure seamless integration down the road.


Velo Cult

This unique bicycle shop is many things, one of which is a hub for the overall bicycle community in Portland, OR. They cater to multiple niche categories in their large and inviting space.

The iconic branding and design was handled by their in-house designer, who I worked closely with to build this new site. The shop has a global following and an easy to maintain online store was the top priority. With WordPress and Woocommerce working together, shop employees can easily maintain rotating products.

Adding another level of complexity was the addition of the current taplist. As a community space, Velo Cult boasts a great taplist, which changes every day. Employees can easily edit this list in real time, giving customers accurate info on their favorite beers.


Double Darn

Double Darn is a Portland based business that produces handmade cycling caps. Collaborating with a local photographer for the lifestyle shots, I orchestrated the rebuild of this site that was previously on Shopify.

Custom caps are the main source of income for this one person business, although steady sales of stock caps have become an important facet. I coordinated with the owner to produce a run of caps which I then photographed. This was a relatively quick project that came out quite nicely and requires little maintenance.





Limberlost is a local bicycle advocacy business that focuses on promoting off road bicycle touring in Oregon and beyond.

Creating partnerships with Travel Oregon and local businesses is one of the main functions of the business, many of which are featured in the Exploration section of the site. Stunning photos, advice, and well written prose make up the majority of the content of this attractive site.

Ira Ryan and Tony Pereira design and build every Breadwinner that comes out of their shop. The two craftsmen developed a line a bicycle frames, each uniquely designed to tackle the it’s appropriate challenge.

The new website successfully educates and entices new and returning customers to purchase their custom Breadwinner through a number of ways. By offering customers the ability to make a simple deposit, contact the builders with specific questions, or build their dream bike from an interactive builder, the results have been very good.

The process of building custom bicycle frames is shrouded in mystery, which oftentimes means the difference between success and stagnation. This project successfully tells the Breadwinner story while creating repeat customers time and again.

This project has a very special spot in my heart. As a long time cyclist and one time messenger, I have an affinity for custom bag makers. One of the more difficult challenges in building a website that conveys the level of customizations available to a customer is giving them an accurate visual rendering. There are very few brands that have been able to achieve this, and most of them are large entities.

We came into this project with a goal of producing a repeatable and scalable color picker that relied on only a few specifics. The production team at Swift produced each model in one light gray and delivered them to the photographer along with samples of fabric. Coordinating with him, we created a workflow that allows for the customer to see in real time what their bag will look like when it arrives in the mail.

There were multiple players in this project, each playing an integral part. The overall success of this project was due to having a clear goal and deliverables, each of which I oversaw personally.

Swift Campout was created to celebrate travel by bike in a unique way. This program aims to encourage customers and enthusiasts to sign up and share their plans for a weekend of camping across the globe. By motivating people to explore their world by bike, the brand is putting themselves directly in the path of new and existing consumers.

The main tasks in this project were creating a user system for new users and existing customers, creating profile fields, and creating an interactive map. Each of these components work together to build brand loyalty and drive excitement around this unique event. This annual event, now in it’s second year has a solid foundation to grow and attract a wider and more diverse audience for years to come.

This 3D branding agency specializes in building exhibits for trade shows across the world. Their clients span multiple industries, the largest of which operate in the outdoor and entertainment realm.

Working with the brand manager and in house designer, we crafted a website that shows what the company can do an immersive way. The aim of the site is not to sell exhibits, but to rather showcase the large and powerful environments that Pinnacle produces.